It’s time to hold companies accountable for the harm they have caused to Americans.

Billions of dollars are being paid out for the wrongdoing they have caused. If you or a loved one have been injured or negatively affected by exposure to any of the cases or products below, you may be able to receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

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Have you or your child been harmed by the negative effects of Social Media?

You are not alone and you could be entitled to Compensation. Hold Social media companies accountable!

Rising concerns over social media’s harmful effects on youth have sparked legal actions to hold platforms accountable for addiction and exposure to damaging content. Joining this cause represents a united front for a safer digital future, advocating for changes that protect and enhance the well-being of all social media users.

The Dark Side of Social Media: Eating Disorders, Suicidal thoughts or actions, Illicit Photos or Contact with predators, ridicule or worse

Semaglutide makers face lawsuits over undisclosed gastrointestinal trauma

Were you or a loved one using GLP-1 class drugs such as Ozempic, Wegovy, Rybelsus or generic Semaglutide for Type 2 Diabetes or Weight Loss?

Legal claims now surround the drug makers as consumers have come forward with concerning claims. Consumers have alleged in lawsuits that the promoted drugs have caused serious gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting, gastroparesis (a condition that slows stomach emptying) and even stomach paralysis.

Hold the drug makers accountable for Semaglutide side effects.

Have you used Uber or Lyft in the last 10 years?

Were you the victim of Unwanted Touching or other harassment from a Rideshare Driver?

Although Lyft and Uber do screen their drivers for criminal history and driving records, the process does not eliminate all sexual predators.

If you were the victim of unwanted touching or sexual assault by your ride share driver, you could be entitled to compensation.

Sexual Abuse in the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints

Over the years, hundreds of men, women, and youth have come forward, alleging that they were sexually abused as minors by fellow Latter Day Saints members of authority, and that the Church did nothing to help them.

The Church’s leadership has been accused of prioritizing the institution’s reputation over the needs of abuse victims.


If you or a loved one has been a victim of sexual abuse within the Mormon Church, it’s important to start the process of seeking justice now.


Monsanto’s Roundup is one of the most widely used herbicides in the world. Farmers, landscapers, nursery workers, as well as home gardeners have used this weed killer– unaware and unwarned of any potential cancer risks. If you or someone you love were exposed to RoundUp and diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma or Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, you may be entitled to compensation.

Car, Truck or Motorcycle Accident?

Don’t hesitate if you have been injured in an automobile accident. It takes no time for one of our lawyers to get your claim started. You could be paid millions of dollars for your pain and suffering, so why not find out today? You probably didn’t know you could be owed money for your situation, so it’s time to speak up! See what your case is worth! Many cases reach a very quick settlement and payment before any further evidence is even requested.

Have you used Baby Powder containing Talcum?

Since 1971, more than 20 studies have linked talc powder to ovarian cancer and other cancers. In 2003, an analysis of 16 of these studies found that women using talcum powder were 33 percent more likely to develop ovarian cancer.  Johnson & Johnson, producer of popular talc-based powders like Baby Powder and Shower-to-Shower, allegedly knew about the ovarian cancer risk since at least 1971, but failed to warn consumers of the dangers. If you or someone you know developed ovarian cancer or mesothelioma after using talcum powder, you may be entitled to compensation.

Common Weed Killers containing Paraquat

If you or a loved one were exposed to Paraquat/Gramoxone, you may be entitled to compensation by filing a your Claim Form today.

Most common Weed Killers used to contain the dangerous chemical Paraquat. Paraquat exposure has been linked to dangerous side effects, including an increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Manufacturers of the chemical-based herbicides failed to warn farm workers and applicators about the risk of Parkinson’s Disease. If you were harmed by Paraquat, we can help!

Don’t Delay! There may be a limited time to file your claim. Get the information you need and the justice you deserve!

Link Between Hair Straightening Chemicals and Uterine Cancer

Did you use a Chemical Hair Straightener or Relaxer in the last 20 years?

Women who use chemical hair straighteners and relaxers may have a higher risk of uterine cancer, according to a new study from researchers at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The researchers found that women who had never used hair straighteners were at a 1.64 % risk of developing uterine cancer, while women who did were at double the risk.

You may be entitled to significant compensation.

Did you work or reside at Camp Lejeune before 1988?

Veterans, civilians & families who worked or resided on Marine Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina & have been diagnosed with cancer or serious injuries are now eligible for financial compensation. Two out of the eight water supplies at Camp Lejeune were contaminated with highly toxic chemicals for over 30 years, with concentration levels 280 times the amount accepted by safety standards. The effects of exposure to these chemicals in the water are known to cause various cancers, fertility and birth issues, and other serious illnesses. Don’t let you or your family suffer, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

Did you take Tylenol or generic Acetaminophen while Pregnant?

If your child has autism and may have been exposed to Tylenol before birth, we would like to help both of you get compensation.

“prenatal acetaminophen use is consistently associated with an increased risk of developmental disabilities “ – Dr. Xiaobin Wang, Director of Center on the Early Life Origins of Disease at Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health

We can also help if you are an adult with autism and suspect your mother may have taken Tylenol while she was pregnant.

If you have a family member with Autism, you may be due significant compensation!

Were You Injured Due to Someone Else’s Negligence?

People get injured every day, be it a slip and fall, work-related accident, medical malpractice, a faulty/defective product, and so many other ways. All property and product owners need to ensure the safety of their products and premises to consumers and visitors. Depending on the negligence level or intent and the severity of the injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury. Billions of dollars have been won just by consulting an attorney and filing a lawsuit if deemed applicable. Recent studies on Personal Injury claims show that plaintiffs earned an average of $24,000 in compensation.

Insulin Pump Recall

Recently, Medtronic 630G and 670G models have been recalled by the FDA. If you or a loved one were injured due to overdosage or underdosage when using a Medtronic MiniMed Insulin Pump, you may qualify for Significant Financial Compensation!

Hernia Mesh

Hernia mesh is used to support damaged tissue after hernia surgery and help quicken the recovery.  Some patients that undergo hernia repair surgery suffer severe complications from the use of Physiomesh and C-Qur mesh, which can damage the intestines, bowels, and the abdomen. These side effects may require additional or revision surgery.  If you or a loved one needed two or more hernia mesh surgeries after 2006, you may be entitled to compensation a Hernia Mesh lawsuit.

Prescribed Truvada or a derivative such as Viread, Atripla, Complera or Stribild?

TDF/PrEP Drug lawsuits are now being filed!

Gilead’s TDF/PreP drugs belong to a class of antiretroviral drugs that are prescribed to treat HIV in combination with other medications. TDF drugs are also used to slow the progression of HIV as well as keep HIV positive individuals healthy for many years.

TDF is prescribed and sold by Gilead under the brand name Viread® and is a component of Gilead’s Truvada®, an HIV/AIDS treatment medication. TDF is also a component of Gilead’s all-in-one combination antiretroviral therapies Atripla®, Complera® and Stribild® for use by people living with HIV or AIDS.

If you have experienced Kidney, bone or Renal Problems after using a TDF/PrEP Drug, Compensation May Be Due To You!

Do you know someone diagnosed with a form of Lung Cancer?

For many people, the culprit could be asbestos, a carcinogen that was once widely used in dozens of industries and the military for most of the 20th century.

Tradesmen in many industries were negligently exposed to asbestos materials well into the 1990s. Whether you developed Mesothelioma yourself due to asbestos exposure or you’re a surviving family member of a lost loved one, you could be entitled to significant compensation.

Was Your Baby Injured During Birth?

Did your Child suffer from NEC or Illness?

A 1990 a study found that babies may be 6 to 10 times more likely to develop According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 7 in every 1,000 children will suffer from a birth injury. A recent study from TDC Group shows the average medical malpractice claim payout for children sustaining injuries under one month old was nearly $1 million. Don’t blame yourself for something that wasn’t your fault. Birth injuries don’t just happen. Get help now!

3M Ear Plugs

The 3M Military Earplug lawsuit claims the earplugs that 3M sold to the military between 2003 and 2015 were ineffective.  The plugs would not hold tight within a user’s ears, therefore would not significantly reduce the loud impulse sounds of battlefield explosions that can harm the inner ear, causing hearing loss and tinnitus. If you or a loved one have experienced serious hearing loss after using the 3M Combat Arms Earplugs Version 2 (CAEv2) during deployment or training, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries through the 3M Ear Plugs lawsuit.

Toe Surgery with Implant(s)

Have you or a loved one had a Cartiva® implant inserted in your toe?
Surgery failures have been rising drastically due to the implant slipping into the bone, a process referred to as subsidence. According to the University Foot and Ankle Institute, about 50% of all Cartiva® implants have failed and most surgeons have stopped recommending the procedure.
Cartiva® Implant Complications include, but are not limited to: deep vein thrombosis, foot pain, infection, joint stiffness, fusion surgery or big toe post implant. If you or a loved one have had a Cartiva® implant inserted into their toe, you may be entitled to compensation.

Have you used a Paragard® IUD?

Have you or someone in you know used a Paragard® IUD?  This is a popular intrauterine device (IUD) used as a form of long-term birth control in women.  For years, there have been false and misleading representations about the device’s safety, including indications that the birth control implant is supposed to be completely reversible and allow women to have children in the future.  However, increasing evidence now suggests that known side effects of the Paragard® IUD were not adequately disclosed to consumers, YOU may be entitled to compensation.

Did you take Tepezza to treat Thyroid eye disease (TED) in adults.

Tepezza is a brand-name prescription medication. It’s FDA-approved to treat thyroid eye disease (TED) in adults.

Tepezza has been linked to Hearing Loss. A recent study found nearly half of Tepezza users reported hearing-related issues within four infusions (treatments). The complaints ranged from hearing loss, muffled hearing, the sensation of the ears feeling plugged, autophony (unusually loud hearing of your own voice), and tinnitus. Tepezza is intended to improve someone’s health so when it ends up causing hearing problems, one can feel especially betrayed since we all put a significant amount of trust in pharmaceuticals.

If you have experienced Hearing Issues after using Tepezza , Compensation May Be Due To You!

Fire Fighting Foam

Chemical-based firefighting foam (AFFF) has been sold for decades because of its effectiveness in extinguishing jet fuel and petroleum fires. However, it may cause various types of cancer — most notably kidney, testicular, and pancreatic cancer — in firefighters who were regularly exposed to the foam. If you or a loved one are a firefighter, were exposed to this foam, and later developed cancer, you may be entitled to compensation through a firefighter foam lawsuit.

Elmiron – Bladder Drug Prescriptions

Elmiron, a prescription drug used to treat bladder pain and discomfort associated with interstitial cystitis (IC), works by attaching itself to the wall of the bladder and providing a buffer between irritating substances and the bladder. However, recent studies have shown users of the drug Elmiron are at increased risk of developing Maculopathy that could also lead to eye injuries and blindness.  The Elmiron lawsuits allege that the company did not disclose the link between Elmiron use and serious vision damage. If you or a loved one take or have taken Elmiron and suffered an eye disorder or vision issues as a result, you may be entitled to compensation.

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